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Holton Lee iOS Concept

by | Jun 16, 2017 | 0 comments

Here is a concept piece desinged for a wellbeing discovery centre called Holton Lee. My team and I were asked to develop a concept iOS application targeted at enabling the users to explore Holten Lee’s grounds in a unique way. The applicaition was aimed at assisting the disabled in being able to explore the grounds regardless of their limitations and futhermore wanted to create a special experience for all users. The application concept held many functionalities, such as guiding walkers along specific paths to explore, a meditation ‘triggered’ check point music library, a bird spotting game and camera functions (Facetime with other users and an internal ‘instagram’ social media platform)    The user interface concept was designed to overlay digital information over the real world, a form of augmented reality (AR), as well as a digital interface. We thought this would be a modern way to display information about the grounds and overall enhance the experience of their stay. 


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